More Pictures of Vernard

October 9, 2009

Just wanted to post a couple more photos of Vernard Bailey, especially for members of the family who may not have them. I wrote about Vernard, and how he disappeared after World War II (click on the photo to see it larger).


This was probably taken when he enlisted. He still has a boyish enthusiasm that is gone by the time the photo I posted last time was taken. According to family legend, Vernard was captured during WWII on an island, and got malaria. When he came home, he was not the same and was put on disability. This is a photo Vernard’s daughter sent me.


This is Vernard (on left), his mother Cora (nee Thomas Perkins Bailey) George, and his younger brother (still living).


Vernard’s daughter sent this photo to me, and she believed it to be Vernard and the still living younger half-brother in the photo above. But I don’t think it’s that brother. Vernard had another, younger brother who was named James.

James W. Bailey was born 27 July 1925 in West Virginia and died 10 July 1931 of encephalitis in Logan, West Virginia. He is buried at Yuma Cemetery, the same rundown cemetery where his mother Cora is buried, and his stepfather, Sam George (though I’m sure he doesn’t have a stone).

What do you think? Is this Vernard and James, full brothers three years apart? Or Vernard and his half-brother, six years younger than he is? If this is James, this may be the only photo of him that exists.


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